Vicki B.

I am 55 years old and in a wheelchair. Prior to my 50’s I had not done a lot of dieting, and I believed in eating healthy through a low fat, low carb lifestyle. In my 50’s this slowly but surely quit working for me. If anything, I didn’t eat enough, and other than working on that and my sleep (rough with menopause) I was at a loss as to what else I could do to stop gaining weight. Right before turning 55 I heard that some of the ladies at church were doing THM. Two things sounded encouraging: 1) Women my age were having success with it and 2) there was a book and a supportive group starting up right around my 55th birthday. I had 3 months to read the book before the group started, which also gave me time to begin trying recipes before the holidays. I listened to all the poddies and watched many of the videos before the group started. I jumped in with both feet and have never looked back! Nothing could have encouraged me more than the short term group Tanya and Lisa ran. I am not exaggerating when I say that Tanya’s knowledge far exceeds all the studying I did! It’s one thing to have a coach with knowledge, but to have a coach with the wisdom of how much to say, know when to say it, and to say it with grace is invaluable. She has a way of taking you right where you’re at, and nudging you to grow in your depth of knowledge a little at a time. Amazing! She has also responded quickly to all our questions so we don’t have to wait for an answer and never makes you feel like it is a silly question! My weight loss journey has been slow because I ate low fat, low carb for so long, and due to my limited mobility. However, I feel so much better and I’m excited about cooking again. Thanks to Tanya’s support I know this is a lifestyle change that’s sustainable! You’d be so fortunate to have her as your coach too!

Lisa B.

Four years ago I was told that I would be a Grandma. This began a time for me of deciding to change some bad habits I had formed in my life and this is when I was introduced to Trim Healthy Mama. Now, over three years later, 30+ pounds gone forever, no more allergies, no arthritis, and many other health benefits, I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom imparted to me through the THM lifestyle. When I began I was doing it alone, except the wonderful Facebook community. After one year, Tanya Mackey decided to try THM and she quickly became a believer as well. Tanya and I led two short term THM Study Groups at our church where we encouraged women to embrace health changes by adopting THM principles. During these two different classes I observed Tanya’s passion, knowledge, and gift to share her health journey with others. I love THM and embrace it, however Tanya gets it from the inside out. She can and does help me and others continually with our questions. She is very committed to her own personal health journey and is a wonderful resource to use for your journey as well. Here I am with now three grandchildren, loving life!​

Amanda W.

I gained so much knowledge about THM from Tanya. She taught a group of us ladies at church and I learned so many practical tips to help me on my journey. It’s one thing to read the book, but you really gain so much more from a one one one connection with another mama. Thanks, Tanya!​