Trim Healthy Mama has been a life-changer for me, and it can be for you as well!

In January of 2016, I was miserable and in so much pain with the herniated disc in my back that I could hardly function. I knew losing weight would help reduce the pressure on my back, but in the past I only lost weight through a strict diet and a LOT of exercise. At that point I could barely walk.

I researched anti-inflammatory diets and did the Whole30. I lost 5 pounds that month and although I felt good, the plan was too restrictive to maintain long-term. I then learned about Trim Healthy Mama. After some research, I purchased the plan book, devoured the whole book in less than a week, and started in February of 2016.

Health and nutrition has been an interest and hobby of mine for years. I read many books and did several different diet plans including low fat, low carb, natural/organic (Nourishing Traditions), Paleo, Whole30, juicing, calorie counting, etc. After years of researching about all the different types of eating, Trim Healthy Mama was a game changer! This book presented the most balanced perspective on eating I had ever read. Yes, it addressed many of the dietary and nutritional issues I studied over the years, but it addressed them in a very balanced, simple way.

Not only does this plan present a balanced view of health, diet, and nutrition, it simplifies the eating process. It does not eliminate any major food groups. The basic concept is eating carbs and protein together or fat and protein together. Simple! You could start today! The weight loss plan then seamlessly transitions into a maintenance plan. You don’t need to learn a whole new plan to maintain. Simply continue eating the nutritious, blood sugar stabilizing, health promoting diet. In fact, it is excellent for those of ANY age who need to lose weight, maintain, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or need to gain weight in a healthy way.

I love that this simple plan is easy to do with my whole family. I don’t eat a separate meal from the rest of my family. We can sit and eat dinner all together. My kids LOVE that we can eat cake for breakfast. Seriously? What health-nut mother lets her kids do that? This one does now!

Within a few months of starting Trim Healthy Mama, I lost the 20 additional pounds I needed to lose. And the best part? I have kept the weight off and maintained since then. My body feels renewed, healthy, nourished, strong, and satisfied. My life-long sugar addiction is gone! I don’t feel deprived. I have the tools I need to feed and nourish my family well. I am at a place where I know I can maintain and easily eat this way the rest of my life.

I have been passionate about THM since I started and have encouraged several others in their health journeys. I have led book study groups and encouraged people one on one. If you need help understanding the plan and getting started, I would love to help you! If you are following the plan and need some help breaking a stall or going deeper in THM with a Fuel Cycle or Stubborn Losers style menu, I am experienced and happy to work with you. I am certified through Trim Healthy Mama as a THM Certified Coach. My heart is to be a blessing and share with you what I have learned, and what has changed my life.

– Coach Tanya Mackey


For people to have the knowledge, ability, and tools to eat nutritious food so they can live with renewed energy, health, and vitality for life.


To motivate, encourage, and equip clients who are ready to make a lifelong change towards better health by providing ongoing, personal support over time. To support your unique journey to health and wellness.